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Hichki colosseumthe live creative workshop is
fuelled by creative minds across India and New Zealand.
Prabhjyot Majithia (Creator and co-founder, India),
Lipika Sen (Creator and co-founder, New Zealand),
along with all our international collaborators, associates
and guest creators welcome you to hang out here
just for fun and enjoy the works. Or commission/buy
content, chat with the creators or read our blog.
We celebrate ingenuity in every field and also welcome ideas
and original content, should your creative instincts be tickled.

To ‘share’ your favourites from the colosseum and stay
tuned to fresh updates every Thursday we invite you to
‘Like’ Hichki on Facebook

For our other art collaborations please visit www.inhalingthespirit.com

Hichki Philosophy:
"If you are born a human you must be creative."
Creativity knows no skin. It is not contained in bodies
or flags of any specific colour. Or restricted to the
domain of a privileged few. It is the very essence of a
human being. It is the opposite of destruction, the
antithesis of war. In the colosseum at Hichki, we wish
to 'titillate' the creative in every human on this planet.

Write to us at hichki@gmail.com