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Never miss the spa in God's own country!
Ayurvedic spas are Kerala's latest offering to tourists from across the world but one wonders if they could ever match up to the pampering of the princely pachyderms at the famous Guruvayur temple. A meticulous back scrub, an amazing pedicure, a treat of ripe green bananas and god's grand ride is ready for the procession around the temple. Bedecked in gold this is the chosen big guy who carries the holy 'Guruvayur’ himself, for three ceremonial rounds around the temple, accompanied by priests bearing multi-coloured umbrellas and fans, and musicians playing drums, cymbals, gongs, trumpets and devotees chanting the Lord's names. The Guruvayur temple hosts around 60 domesticated elephants in its farm at Punnathurkotta.

Kerala is the Southern-most state of India, best known for its pristine beaches, ancient temples, coconut plantations and Ayurvedic spa resorts.

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